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Why Give Back

All we can profitably or possibly accomplish is to bend the universal tree of humanity a little bit in the direction most favourable to the production of good fruit under existing circumstance.

Writer Andrew Carnegie

The collective impact of your contribution - be it your time, talent or treasure can make a critical difference to your Alma Mater. The impact of your support has left its mark within the campus - be it in the infrastructural improvements, the faculty and student-related initiatives or, above all, the volunteer-driven alumni movement. The establishment of various channels to improve ties between Alumni and the Institute is vital in improving the student experience, creating new ideas, promoting path-breaking research, and establishing an ever-improving academic stature of IIT (ISM) in an ever-evolving society.

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The act of giving back makes a difference in many lives. By supporting us through endowments, our alumni are not just giving something back to their institution but they are also supporting and nurturing the future generations of learners. There is a lot of scope for improvement if we aim to be one of the top institutes in the world. Your support will allow our institution to confidently engage in long term planning without substantial risk to a critical project.

Throughout history, educational institutions have been the beacons of our culture, and India has a tradition of universities showing the way forward to a better future to the people that form the society that we live in. You can help us in creating world-class infrastructure for your alma mater and realizing our dream of strengthing IIT (ISM)’s position in not just India, but the world. We invite you to embark with us on a journey to make a real difference to the experience of current and future generations of students.

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