Centenary Appeal


Prof. R.M Bhattacharjee
Dean IRAA, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad

Dear Alumni,
Once again I am before you to make a very special appeal today on this occasion of Basant 2023, the alumni meet with present students.

It is an exciting moment for all ISMites and IITISMites. I am also excited to stand before you making this appeal to all the ISMites and IITISMites. We are going to be a part of history while celebrating the 100th Birthday of our beloved Alma mater on 9th December 2025 and will be completing the glorious journey of 100 years in the history of technical education in India on the 9th December, 2026. So 2026 Basant will be a very special Basant for all of us, Centenary Basant and I take this opportunity to invite you all to join Basant 2026 with your families. What a great moment it would be! It is indeed a matter of great pride that IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, founded as a premier institute to impart technical education in the field of mining and earth sciences, is completing 100 years of its exemplary services in the field of science, technical, engineering and management education.

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For a century, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad has been an inspiring centre of learning for thousands of young minds who have made their mark in their respective field as well as in the society. It is all because of our Alma mater. The institute is now the confluence of two great tributaries, Indian School of Mines and Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), flowing together to reach greater and greater heights. At the dawning of our second century, we prepare to reignite our passion for transforming lives and futures. We, all alumni of this great institute, humbly acknowledge that whatever we are today, it is because of our Alma Mater. It is now high time to give back to our Alma Mater in the most befitting manner. I am sure, every alumni, living at any corner in the world, are passionate and emotional about our great institute and fully charged with nostalgia. Let us pledge to honour our second mother, our loving and caring institute, on the occasion of centenary in the year 2026. It is only three years from now, we will be witnessing the greatest moment of our life, will have the rarest opportunity to be part of history and celebrate the Centenary of our great institute with all our love & regards, emotion & passion. We have a long wish list and a golden dream of creating history through our humble contributions for various identified projects to be accomplished to mark the centenary year, keeping in mind the future requirements and long-term vision of the institute.
Dear Alumni, whenever we talk about ISM, we become nostalgic, emotional and the picture which comes to our mind is the great & gorgeous red building, the lush green Oval with full of colours, where you have spent lots of time today, and the great Penman Auditorium as an witness many of our old sagas, tensed moment of annual or semester exam, vibrant moments of Saturnalia, SOS, Saraswati puja, Convocations and many other moments of joy and celebration. These architectural monuments and landscapes are the gift of our British Rulers. It has served 100 years of our needs. Now we have a dream of creating history by presenting our Alma Mater with another Iconic Building, which will serve the requirements of our future generations through our humble collective efforts and contributions. We have launched our Mission 2026 during Foundation Day, 2022. Now we have to take a pledge to accomplish our Mission 2026 and make our dream a reality by presenting the Centenary Building to our Alma Mater.
I have a brief presentation on the Centenary Building. I am sure the Building is not going to be built by bricks and cement or sand or chips, it is going to be built on our emotion and passion, love and regards, commitment and deep sense of gratitude to our alma mater.
We encourage you to walk through the centenary portal and find the ways in which you can help IIT (ISM) in fulfilling the mission 2026. We are indeed inspired by our legacy. Please make your pledge to our centenary appeal and be a part of the history and founder of our second century.
Sincerely yours
Prof. R.M Bhattacharjee

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Prof. S.P Banerjee

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Prof. R M Bhattacharjee

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Shri Binay Dayal

1 Lakh

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Avlesh Kumar Singh

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ISMAA Kolkata Chapter

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Shri Naresh K. Vashisht

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Srinivasan Padmanabhan

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Founder Donors of IIT(ISM) Dhanbad’s Second Century

Name Branch Year
Prof. S.P Banerjee Mining Engineering 1957
Prof. R M Bhattacharjee Mining Engineering 1984
Shri Binay Dayal Mining Engineering 1983
ISMAA Kolkota Chapter

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