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IIT (ISM) Dhanbad is an institution steeped in rich history, has a throbbing presence and embodies a promising future. Founded in 1926, Indian School of Mines emerged as a distinct brand by contributing exponentially to the energy sector and related fields of engineering, impacting lives in a transformative way – regionally, nationally as well as globally. For obvious reasons, even today, the institute’s reputation for excellence largely rests on its relative strengths in Mining, Petroleum, Earth Sciences and allied areas. If maintaining its core is a matter of firm conviction and determination for us, expanding the boundaries of knowledge and embracing the best practices in knowledge is the pressing need of the hour. Most of the leading institutions of the world have grown to their current stature due to their diversification in newer fields of knowledge and through their strategic expansion. IIT (ISM), too, envisions growing in a similar pattern by promoting a culture of broad inquiry.

Vision and Mission

Alongside keeping committed to its motto for the urge for the light of new knowledge, IIT (ISM) envisages to advance steadily to register its presence among the top 200 leading knowledge enterprises in the world.


To achieve its Vision and Mission, to kindle and to sustain a passion for excellence, to build upon its proud traditions and strengths, to see the Institute achieve stellar heights, it is essential for Each & All associated with the institute – the IIT (ISM) Community – to step in for a participatory role, to be the innovative change makers and shapers of the Institute. Our collective action will influence the change we envision!

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Revive the Alumnus-Alma Mater Connect


'Alumnus' in Latin is 'foster child and such is the unique, deep and enduring bond between the alumnus and her alma mater which is nurtured through substantial mentoring, care, nursing, and life-training. The Alma Mater Connect is a golden chain of memory, a link that binds the alumnus to the place, to that seat of knowledge, generating a sense of belongingness, a sense of pride; it's a kinship that cannot be articulated in words.

For an academic institution, its students are its brand ambassadors. This kinship has played a pivotal role in many institutions of the world. For us, too, the important unit of the IIT (ISM) Community is our Alumni. The institute has generated a base of alumni who made the country proud in their chosen fields. Today our alumni hold influential positions worldwide. It is a massive force to be tapped for the Institute's overall growth.

Indeed, as protocol of giving back, our illustrious alumni have generously instituted a number of awards in the form of scholarships, medals, prizes and incentives for promoting excellence in academics and research. And it is well said that nobody is concerned about the institute more than its alumni.


Let's strike the chord! The treasured remembrances of one's college days are no less than a storehouse of a timeless spring which is often bewitching and tantalizing. Despite being everlastingly busy, you must have had flash of moments that transported you back in time and space to conjure up long-gone moments of your campus life. JUST THINK: while walking down the memory lanes, how often you got drenched in the pool of thoughts, of those uncheckable flow of images which re-lit and magnified those little moments of joys when you walked past the Penman Auditorium or while sipping from your tea cup you would slip into some mental mapping, musing over the piled-up assignments that were to be submitted before its due; amidst all the clatter and chatter at the RD (Ramdhani) Tea Stall, playing, laughing, amusing yourself or simply plunging into a pensive state - how often you must have re-lived your Timeless Spring.


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