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With reference to the Notification No - 19/2021 issued by CBDT (Ministry of Finance) dated 26/03/2021, all donations/contributions made to Sec 80G Account requires mandatory disclosures of the following documents:

Unique identification number of the donor: One of the following shall be filled mandatorily along with the name of such ID:

a. If PAN or Aadhaar number is available, one of that should be mandatorily filled

b. If neither PAN nor Aadhaar is available, one of the following should be mandatorily filled:

(i)Type of Identification Code Taxpayer Identification Number of the country where the person resides; or

(ii)Passport number; or

(iii)Elector's photo identity number; or

(iv)Driving License number; or

(v)Ration card number.

Donation Type: One of the following shall be mandatorily given along with the detailed description of the purpose of donation:




Mode of Receipt: One of the following shall be mandatorily given:



3.Electronic modes including account payee cheque/draft

4.Others (Kindly Specify)

Note: As per the Income Tax Act, 1961 and Income Tax Rules, 1962, all donations u/s 80G will be

received under
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Contributions are exempted from income tax in India under section 80G and 35AA. The receipts will be issued to the contributors from IRAA office.