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From the Director's Desk

Growing apart doesn't change the fact that we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled.

Ally Condie

IIT (ISM) Dhanbad is on the verge of completing a century when it comes to the numbers of years that it has been a beacon of Indian education. In these years, we have borne witness to thousands of brilliant students sojourning through this college in their academic journeys and graduating from it to go on and change the world as leaders in their fields of work. Hence, I am joyous to know that the alumni portal of our college is now functional here, as a common platform to connect our esteemed alumni community that is spread all across the globe.

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Back in the days when I grew up in Dhanbad, ISM Dhanbad used to hold a unique place in Indian hearts as a premier educational institution excelling in mining, petroleum and Earth Sciences. Somewhere in these last few decades, this college lost its niche and now finds itself as just one amongst 23 other IITs in this country. We need to change this and carve our own niche back again. The new IIT (ISM) has to regain the splendour of the bygone days, and excel in academia for years to come.

In this era, what also matters is global esteem; to be spoken about in the same breath as the NSUs, MITs, and Berkeleys of the world. Considering that our current QS world ranking is below 1000, our quest for global recognition is a tall order. However, our determination to excel is unwavering as we have embarked on Mission '200@2022' to be among the top 200 global institutions by 2022. Consequently, there has been a revolution of sorts in IIT (ISM) Dhanbad with major educational reforms being initiated, major structural changes in the curriculum and other progressive reforms. We have conceptualised numerous projects that could be undertaken to provide the students and faculty with the best tools to harness their potential; projects that need just need the right benefactor to make it a reality; projects that would help thousands of brilliant minds every day.

Needless to say, our esteemed alumni have always been our most valuable resource and benefactors of quite a few scholarship schemes and projects that help the students get opportunities that they’d never get elsewhere. I hope that with this portal being made functional, it would prove to be a catalyst and make it even easier for our alumni network to get to make their own contributions towards the progress of their alma mater while also connecting with other alumni members.

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Mission 2026


With the aim of “Dream Together - Build Together”, Mission 2026 is a common cause that the institute is working towards in order to help it gain international recognition as a pioneer in the field of academics and research, by the time of the institute’s centenary celebrations in the year 2026.

Advanced Computing and Simulation Lab

The mission of the Advanced Computing and Simulation Lab is to create an environment that promotes learning and research in fields like Machine Learning, Data Science, and Computer Vision- which are of utmost importance in today’s market.

Infrastructure Projects

The project aims to equip IIT (ISM) with world class infrastructure for academics and sports facilities, that will go a long way towards the betterment and development of the institute.

Center for Earth, Energy, and Environment Research

The CEEER lab is established to undertake research and innovation in the interlinked field of earth scinece, energy, and environment. CEEER lab will be an aid to the Indian energy sector to comprehend the earth’s processes, energy systems, pollution management and mitigation, resource management, and also the effects of the global temperature change.

Tinkering and Innovation Lab

The Tinkering and Innovation Lab aims to create a facility where the student can put their idea and thought processes into prototype designing. It will help improve the quality of research and skill development of the students.


Internationalization of the institute is a steadfast way of improving the college’s reputation and making the name of IIT (ISM) Dhanbad famous for the right reasons all across the world. The project aims to provide support to international scholars and travel support to students for attending international confrence and internship

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