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Tinkering and Innovation Lab



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About the Cause

With the progress of modern engineering, we are seeing new tools being designed to help students build and synthesise their ideas into working prototypes. Micro Bit, Arduino and littleBits are just a few examples of these tools that are immensely helpful for students and faculty to get creative and turn their ideas into reality. With this in mind, we are definitely looking forward to introducing these tools to the students and faculty of our institute, for which we would need proper infrastructure within the institute. Far too often we have seen these tools being discussed only within the context of a computer science or electrical engineering curriculum, rather than as another medium to engage in creativity. If we want to engage learners of all backgrounds, we must introduce these tools as another way for students to explore and interact with the world around them, and thus we can be ambitious towards the idea of building a tinkering and innovation lab in our college. The lab will be open to all departments of the institute and will help increase the number of innovative projects undertaken by students during the academic session, the quality of research as well as the skill development of various hobby clubs of the institute such as Robotics, Automible, and CyberLabs. The Tinkering and Innovation Lab aims to create a facility where the student can put their idea and thought processes into prototype designing. Most of the technical society clubs of the students can be brought together on a single common platform to think and innovate to solve modern, practical problems while utilizing their multi-disciplinary skills. The lab will be fully functional under the supervision of appropriate faculty members. The facility will be accessible for students, incubators, and start-ups, and will contain an array of facilities such as 3D printers, 3D scanners, GPU workstation, CO2 Laser, Multilayer-PCB Printer, Computer Hardware, and IoT Workstation, to name a few.



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